Friday, April 6, 2012

My interview with WMEL 1300 AM all about wedding photography airs tomorrow

The interview I gave with WMEL 1300 AM will air tomorrow morning at 9:30. You can listen live if you're on Florida's space coast. Otherwise, you can follow the link and listen worldwide online.
 I was so nervous to give this interview that I almost turned it down but I decided to be brave and do my best. I'm sure my voice cracked a few times and I may not have answered every question as elegantly as I might have wished but I did my best and I hope you not only enjoy it but can get some valuable information out of it. A not so well know fact about me is that I have a horrible fear of public speaking. I know, that might seem CRAZY because I'm such a talker but for some unknown reason, my heart starts racing, my hands start sweating, and my voice begins to crack any time I speak in front of large crowds so this was a huge leap for me.
We covered so many things from lighting and venue locations to what the proper etiquette is for guests taking pictures on your wedding day.
I hope you enjoy. :)

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